Zuffa, LLC, the entity that owns the UFC’s intellectual property, has filed 22 new trademark applications for “FIGHT ISLAND” and “UFC FIGHT ISLAND.”

The company filed 11 applications for each version with identical goods and services. The trademark filings show that the UFC has intent-to-use the trademarks in association with several different items.

Most notably, the UFC plans to use the trademarks for “entertainment services, namely, arranging and conducting mixed martial arts competitions and events.” This is the language one would use in a trademark application to describe a UFC event.

Additionally, the UFC made filings for items that could be branded with the “FIGHT ISLAND” and “UFC FIGHT ISLAND” trademarks. This includes clothing, towels, sports bags, exercise weights, beverageware, jewelry and more.

These applications suggest that the UFC is taking the idea a fight island very seriously, filing 22 trademarks with the USPTO on April 13th.