Trump Organization’s trademark application for “TELERALLY” has been initially refused by the USPTO.

DTTM Operations, LLC is the holding company for all of Trump Organization’s trademark applications. Back in July, the entity filed the “TELERALLY” application.

While it does not appear that the campaign has used the trademark over the past few months, the USPTO just issued its initial refusal on Halloween day, stating that the trademark is merely descriptive.

The rule the USPTO applied in denying the trademark is that a trademark can not merely describe the goods or services that are being provided. In this case, the USPTO found that “tele” means “at a distance” and “rally” is defined as “a mass meeting intended to arouse group enthusiasm.” When the two words are combined, it is “merely descriptive of political events in the nature of mass meetings intended to arouse group enthusiasm that can be attended at or over a distance.”

By finding the mark merely descriptive, the USPTO has denied the application. Trump Organization will have six months to respond to the refusal, but at this point, the mark does not seem to have much value given that the campaign has returned to offering large, in-person rallies despite the growing coronavirus pandemic.