The XFL has made new trademark filings on potential team names for the new Seattle team that’s going to be part of the relaunch of the XFL. There are filings for Seattle Wild, Seattle Force, Seattle Fury, Seattle Dragons, and Seattle Surge.

So, overall, the XFL has filed for five trademarks, which all contain the same language for different goods and services that you might offer around a football team.

All the applications were owned by Alpha Entertainment LLC, which is the entity that owns the XFL. Now, you might be wondering why they would file five applications for potential team names. Essentially, if they have narrowed it down to five names and are not quite sure which they want, they get a federal priority date for all the names by filing individual trademark applications. This means that as they make their final decision, if anybody else were to file a same or similar trademark, it would not prevent the league from using that name.

When you get into the individual applications, you can see that they were based on a 1B basis. This means that the league has an intent to use a trademark associated with all the goods and services listed. The trademarks would ultimately not be granted by the USPTO unless the league comes back and proves that they’re actually offering each and every individual thing listed in the applications.  Therefore, any of the names not used by the XFL would not be capable of receiving a federal trademark registration.  Those applications would end up abandoning.

So there you have it, your potential new XFL team names for Seattle: The Seattle Wild, the Seattle Force, the Seattle Fury, the Seattle Dragons, or the Seattle Surge.