LA Gear and the Los Angeles Rams have finally settled their years-long dispute over the “LA RAMS” trademark.

Dating all the way back to January of 2017, the dispute began with LA Gear filing an opposition against the Los Angeles Rams’ trademark application for “LA RAMS,” claiming the shared acronym made the marks too similar. Essentially, LA Gear thought consumers would confuse the two brands due to both having “LA” in their trademarks. Shortly after the opposition was made, Gerben Law Firm founder Josh Gerben told ESPN’s Darren Rovell that “the Cleveland Browns have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl than LA Gear does of winning this case.”

As anticipated, the case settled with LA Gear requesting the opposition be withdrawn on August 27 of this year. The documents, filed by LA Gear, indicate that the parties reached a settlement agreement.

Now, the Los Angeles Rams can move forward with finalizing their registration for the “LA RAMS” trademark just in time for 2019 NFL season.