Prototype81, a company owned by Terrell Owens, has filed a new trademark application for “GOATNESS.” Owens is a listed as a 51% owner of the LLC on Operating Agreements that have been provided in prior USPTO filings.

The application, submitted to the USPTO on December 14th, was filed on “intent to use” basis.  This means Owens has a “bona fide intent” to offer all the goods and services listed in the application with the GOATNESS trademark. Among the goods and services listed in Owen’s application are hats, jackets, shirts, shorts, socks, shoes, sweaters, sweatpants, and even waist belts. This suggests that Terrell Owens is planning to launch a new clothing brand under the GOATNESS name.

This GOATNESS application joins a number of other trademark filings made by Terrell Owens, including registrations for PROTOTYPE81, GETCHA POPCORN READY, and I LOVE ME SOME ME.