Nike, Inc recently made an interesting trademark filing for Cryptokicks, for a brand of cryptocurrency. Nike’s application includes a list of products, but the main headline is the language which states that Cryptokicks is for “providing a digital currency or digital token for use by members of an online community”. Essentially, this is a cryptocurrency called Cryptokicks and all the other services and goods listed in the application would be things that would support that. This includes apps, software platforms, etc.

The trademark application was filed based on a 1(b) basis. This means the application was filed on an intent-to-use the trademark. When you file a trademark application, you have to indicate whether or not you’re actually using it now, or if you just intend to use it in the future. When Nike submitted the application, they submitted a sworn statement saying they have a bona fide intent to use this trademark in the near future. So, be on the lookout for your Cryptokicks cryptocurrency from Nike very soon.