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Nickelodeon Doubles Down on “Double Dare” Trademark Dispute

A trademark battle, perhaps with slime included, is in the works.

If you grew up in the 80s, chances are you heard about a game show called “Double Dare” where kid contestants had to complete crazy physical challenges, and would most likely end up getting slimed (at least once) by the end of the show.  Since its heyday, the show has gone through multiple reboots, the most recent re-airing this year.

Now Viacom, the parent company behind the Nickelodeon TV channel, has filed a extension of time to oppose a ‘DOUBLE DARE’ trademark filed by another company.

Just months before Nickelodeon aired a reboot of the show, a company called Armstrong Interactive filed a trademark for DOUBLE DARE.

According to a TMZ story, Viacom admitted to letting its DOUBLE DARE trademark registrations abandon.  However, the company recently filed 6 applications for DOUBLE DARE to attempt to regain registration rights on the name.

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