Following the Super Bowl last week, I decided to look back over trademark filings the Patriots have made. In this video, I show a trademark registered by the Kraft Group LLC (presumably a company owned by Robert Kraft) for “19-0.” You’ll notice that the trademark was filed just days before the 2008 Super Bowl when the Patriots were supposed to complete their perfect season. But alas, it didn’t happen. They went 18-1.

The funny part about this is that the trademark ultimately registered in 2016. How can that be? Why would they still want to trademark “19-0”? Clearly, they’re still planning on having a 19-0 season, but in order to get the trademark registered, the Kraft Group would have to prove that they were selling all the listed items. The government doesn’t register a trademark just because someone wants it. You must prove you’re actually selling these items.

So, I looked over the file and this is what the Kraft Group submitted to prove they’re using the trademark. First, there’s a DVD about a Massachusetts high school. You can see it is labeled as “A 19-0 Product.” I don’t think that this high school had 19 games in their season, but the Kraft Group is saying that the production company that made this DVD was called “19-0.” Next, there’s a flyer from the comedy scene. They’re calling it “A 19-0 Calendar.” There’s also a shirt with “A 19-0 Product” tag. And finally, they provided some playing cards, also labeled “A 19-0 Product.”

This is how the Kraft Group is apparently justifying the registration for “19-0.”