An interesting trademark filing has recently been made by the New England Patriots. The filing is for “DOUGH YOUR JOB,” an obvious play on Bill Belichick’s saying “DO YOUR JOB.”  The filing indicates that the Patriots intend to sell a brand of ice cream using the phrase.

This is where things get a little interesting. It does not appear the Patriots themselves will be making the ice cream, rather a New England ice cream maker, Gifford’s Ice Cream.  According to news reports, the DOUGH YOUR JOB ice cream will be available in select grocery stores around the New England area after Labor Day.

The significance of this trademark filing is that the New England Patriots are going to own the trademark on the phrase “DOUGH YOUR JOB,” and are very likely licensing it to Gifford’s. This would allow the Patriots to derive payments off the sale of the ice cream made around the New England area.

So there you have it, the New England Patriots have filed a new trademark application for “DOUGH YOUR JOB” and are working with a local ice cream maker to make a brand new flavor that I’m sure people around the New England Area are going to enjoy this fall.

One final note, the New England Patriots do own a trademark registration on ‘DO YOUR JOB’ as well.