Kawhi Leonard’s company, Kawhi Leonard LLC, filed two trademark applications with the USPTO on October 23, 2019.

The first application was filed for a brand clothing with the trademark
“WHAT IT DO BABY.” This phrase happens to be a meme from a viral Instagram post Kawhi made over the summer.

The trademark filing suggests that WHAT IT DO BABY is going to be used as a slogan or for a name of a clothing brand. Though Kawhi is not currently selling WHAT IT DO BABY clothing, it looks like he intends to do so soon, as the application was filed on a 1B basis. This means that he has a bona-fide intent to use the mark.

The second trademark Kawhi filed on October 23, 2019 is for “CITY VIEWS OVER INTERVIEWS.” This application was also filed on an “intent to use” basis and is for a clothing brand.

It’s very likely that both “WHAT IT DO BABY” and “CITY VIEWS OVER INTERVIEWS” branded clothing will be available for purchase in the coming months.