Joel Embiid has obtained a trademark registration for “The Process.” In the registration certificate that was issued by the USPTO on May 14th, 2019, you can see that Joel filed this application back in October of 2016. Now, nearly three years later, the trademark has registered. This particular registration is for a brand of clothing called “The Process,” but Joel still has 20 other pending trademarks for “The Process” and “Trust The Process.”

Why does Embiid still have 20 pending applications ? Because trademark rights are only granted for the goods or services identified in the particular application. In the case of the current registration, this is for a brand of clothing called “The Process.” In the 20 other applications that he has pending, he has claims for things like basketball camps, snow globes, toys, fitness facilities, athletic bags, and more. The reason this all would not have gone into the same application is that in order for the trademarks to register, Joel will have to show that he’s actually offering the products or services in each application. It’s very easy to get a clothing brand launched, but it’s a lot harder to open a fitness facility called “The Process.”

As a final note, the few applications that Joel did file for “Trust The Process” have mostly been refused because of a trademark owned by Marcus Lemonis, “The Profit” from CNBC, for the phrase. It is unclear whether Joel will try to appeal those refusals at the moment, but he still could. On Twitter Lemonis claimed that he is in touch with Embiid’s representatives about the filings.