Under Armour recently announced Joel Embiid’s new sneaker line and the “JE” logo that goes along with it.

That said, while this announcement was just made in August of 2020, Under Armour has been trying to keep the new “JE” logo a secret for months.

Back in January 2020, Under Armour originally filed a trademark application for the new Embiid “JE” logo in Jamaica, where it would not be discovered by eager fans and reporters. The method took advantage of something called the Paris Convention, which allows trademark applicants to secure an earlier priority date in the United States, based on the filing date of their application in a treaty country.

So, while Under Armour did not file their U.S. application until June 2, 2020, the company effectively secured a priority date in the United States as of January 28th (the date of the Jamaican filing).  This gave Under Armour six additional months to develop and prepare Embiid’s new shoe brand for the marketplace in relative secret.