The new Seattle Kraken hockey team may have just avoided a lengthy trademark dispute by working with the owner of the “RELEASE THE KRAKEN” trademark registration, Kraken rum.

In July, the NHL Seattle team announced their new name would be the Seattle Kraken. In doing so, they filed a slew of trademark applications with the USPTO for “SEATTLE KRAKEN,” “RELEASE THE KRAKEN” and an “S” logo.

However, just five days after filing two applications for the “RELEASE THE KRAKEN” slogan, the hockey team expressly withdrew them without comment.

One potential reason the NHL team may have so quickly withdrew their applications is because a popular rum brand, Kraken, already owns a trademark registration for the slogan. In furtherance of this theory, Kraken rum announced that they are the official sponsor of the Seattle Kraken just two days prior to the withdrawal.

It’s very possible that the Seattle hockey team and the owners of Kraken rum decided to avoid a trademark dispute by working out a business deal that benefits both parties.