Following the Minnesota Vikings’  trademark application for “GO GET IT,” many people have been wondering if Kirk Cousins owns a trademark for “You Vike That.”

Kirk filed an application for the phrase on March 20, 2018, but the registration is still pending with the USPTO. The application has gone through the examination process and it has been initially approved for registration, but in order to finalize the registration, Kirk is must prove that he is selling the “You Vike That” branded goods and services he indicated on his application. Specifically, he would need to show that he is selling a clothing brand, charitable fundraising services, stickers, and posters.

If Kirk wanted to remove any of these items, he could, but the USPTO will otherwise require him to prove that he is actively using the trademark for all the items listed before the registration can issue.

Just on December 24, 2019, Kirk filed an Extension of Time to File SOU(Statement of Use). The extension of time indicates that Kirk still has an intention to sell all the items but has not begun doing so yet. The extension is good for another 6 months, at which point he will need to have those goods and services in commerce in order to finally own the trademark.