Amazon has filed a new trademark application for the “ALEXA” brand.

The application, filed on September 27, indicates that Amazon is planning to offer an extensive line of household items with the “ALEXA” name.

Originally a voice device used with Amazon Echos, the new application suggests that the name will extend to physical items such as frying pans, dehumidifiers, waffle makers, cooking ovens, lightbulbs, hair dryers, toasters, and even baby food warmers.

As the application was filed on a 1B basis, it appears Amazon has a legitimate intent to offer all of these items under the “ALEXA” brand.  The many household items listed in their application are expected to be in the marketplace within six months from the filing date.

The filing also indicates a major shift in Amazon’s offering, with almost all electrical household items available for purchase as an Alexa branded product in the near future.