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Michael Chandler Trademarks

The following list includes all pending trademark applications and active federal trademark registrations that are owned by Michael Chandler.

Please note: Gerben IP does not represent Michael Chandler. This page is provided for informational purposes and reflects information available in public USPTO records.

February 24, 2024

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Serial Number:
Registration Number:
Pending Application
Word Mark:
Goods and Services:

IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S Downloadable mobile software application for use in downloading and viewing multimedia entertainment content in the field of physical exercise and nutrition.

IC 025. US 022 039. G & S Clothing, namely, pants, shirts, hoodies, footwear, headwear.

IC 035. US 100 101 102. G & S Publishing of electronic advertising texts.

IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S Providing a web site featuring on-line courses of instruction in the field of physical exercise and nutrition; educational services and on-line educational services, namely, providing classes, lectures, workshops in the fields of exercise equipment, physical exercise and nutrition; education and entertainment services, namely, providing a website featuring online non-downloadable multimedia e-books, news articles featuring information in the field of exercise and physical fitness; providing information in the field of exercise training; publication of electronic media, namely, digital texts, not for advertising, of others, video recordings, in the field of exercise, fitness and dietary programs, graphic works, text, not for advertising, of others, information and music related to exercise, fitness and dietary programs; educational services, namely, video production and providing a web site featuring prose presentation of physical fitness programs with multimedia and interactive content; physical exercise instruction and physical fitness training services; providing information and consultation in the fields of physical fitness and exercise; entertainment services in the nature of continuing multimedia program series, featuring courses of instruction in the field of physical exercise and nutrition provided through internet, video-on-demand, and various platforms across multiple forms of transmission media.

Filling Date:
Current Basis:
Michael Chandler
Attorney of Record:
Michael J. Zinna
Description of Mark:
(4) Standard character mark.
Type of Mark:
Live or Dead:
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