The internet has opened up new markets and opened business opportunities that would not usually be available to a small or start-up company. However, with these new marketplaces comes a dark side – it is easier than ever to counterfeit items and infringe trademarks over the Internet. Gerben Law Firm works with trademark owners and online sellers to combat infringement, counterfeiting, listing hijacking and other trademark enforcement issues in the digital world. Many websites have confusing take-down policies that often go to a black-hole of “customer support.” Gerben Law Firm has experience with shutting down these nefarious sellers and protecting your brand.

There is no silver bullet. Amazon reserves its “gated listings” to its corporate partners and many other websites simply put their head in the sand until they are forced to deal with infringement. We use a variety of techniques to systematically protect your trademark and win back your listings. Using a mix of investigation, test purchases, detailed reports, cease-and-desist letters, take-down notices, and more, we customize an enforcement strategy for your business.

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