Patent Office Actions & Amendments

During the patent application process, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO, may have questions or concerns about your patent application.  When this occurs, the USPTO will issue an Office Action. These Office Actions are issued for a wide variety of reasons. Some may request minor modifications to your patent application, while others may notify you that your application has been denied, requiring more extensive legal arguments and amendments in response.

It is critical to respond to Office Actions appropriately and in a timely manner. Once an Office Action has been issued, the USPTO will not remind you of the approaching deadline. However, failure to respond will cause your application to be abandoned and your filing fee will be lost.

The attorneys at Gerben IP are experienced in all aspects of Office Actions. Because every Patent Office Action is different, a review of your case will be conducted before we determine how to respond to the USPTO. If you’ve received a patent Office Action from the USPTO, contact us today for a free review of your Office Action, and a flat rate quote to complete the response on your behalf.

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