Yahoo! Sports Talks with Josh Gerben About Cleveland Indians Name Change

The Cleveland Indians announced their new team name will be the Cleveland Guardians, which happens to currently be the name of a local roller derby team.

Josh Gerben offers insight on how the duplicative name situation might be resolved.

“It’s probably worth it to pay the roller derby team something reasonable so that there’s not a public relations nightmare and there’s not any bad will around the new name,” Washington D.C. trademark attorney Josh Gerben told Yahoo Sports. “There’s certainly value in making sure that everyone is happy.”

“When they’re doing something as large as changing the name of the team, they’re going to have dotted their ‘I’s’ and crossed their ‘T’s,'” Gerben said. “The chances that they were unaware of this are next to zero. Trust me, the team checked Google.”

Source: Eisenberg, Jeff. “The original Cleveland Guardians? This roller derby team could cash in on Indians’ name change”. 26 July 2021.

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