Yahoo! Quotes Josh Gerben about the Trademark Opposition Between Shaq and Shaqir O’Neal

The company that owns the rights to Shaq’s likeness has filed a Notice of Opposition against a trademark filed by Shaq’s son Shaqir, noting that names and likeness would be confusing to consumers.

Yahoo! quoted Josh Gerben regarding the familial trademark opposition.

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben says that the friction appears to stem from the two teams that represent the father and son, and not the family itself.

Shaq’s likeness is owned by Authentic Brands Group (ABG), while Shaqir’s likeness was filed by the entity Mine O Mine LLC.

According to research and tweeted information from Gerben, the official notice “concludes by claiming that the ‘purchasing public’ will ‘erroneously assume’ that goods and services offered under the ‘SHAQIR O’NEAL’ trademark are connected to Authentic Brands Group.”

It’s likely that this case will be settled before it ever reaches the courtroom, says Gerben.

Source: Rodgers, Josh. “Trademark Filed by Shaq’s Son Shaqir O’Neal Hit With Notice Of Opposition From The Company That Owns His Father’s Likeness.” 26 July 2022.

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