Josh Gerben Talks to The Washington Post About Trump’s Company Filing a Trademark for “TELERALLY”

Donald Trump’s private company, DTTM Operations, LLC, recently filed a trademark application for “TELERALLY” in association with organizing events for political campaigns. The filing marks a shift for the business as it approaches political involvement in Trump’s 2020 campaign. For now, the intention behind the trademark application and DTTM Operations’ ownership is unknown.

Josh Gerben spoke with the Washington Post about some potential reasons for the company’s “TELERALLY” trademark application:

“A trademark isn’t necessary for the Trump Organization to make money in politics. If the company wanted to start charging campaigns for organizing “telerallies,” it could do so immediately.”

“The first reason you want a trademark is you want to keep other people from using the name.”

“Does the company believe there’s an opportunity to license this mark to Republicans around the country to use?”

Source: Fahrenthold, David. “Trump’s company applied to trademark ‘telerally.’ Then, President Trump held a tele-rally.” The Washington Post. 07 July 2020.

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