The New York Times Quotes Josh Gerben about Lebron James’ “Taco Tuesday” Trademark Refusal

LeBron James’ trademark application for “Taco Tuesday” has been initially refused by the USPTO. LeBron James’ team claims they made the filing to ensure protection from liability should they use the phrase in projects or on social media.

The New York Times quoted Josh Gerben regarding the motives behind the filing and the chances of it still being approved:

[…] if Mr. James really did want to shield himself from liability, he could file something called a “petition to cancel” that could essentially void another trademark.

Mr. James’s team has six months to respond if they want to challenge the patent office’s move, which is technically called a “refusal.” But Mr. Gerben said it’s unlikely, as the refusal is “pretty hard to overcome.”


Source: Zaveri, M.  “LeBron James Tried to Trademark ‘Taco Tuesday,’ but Got Swatted Away”.  September 11 2019.

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