The New York Times Quoted Josh Gerben About the Phillie Phanatic’s Recent Changes

Amidst an ongoing legal battle between the Philadelphia Phillies and Harrison/Erickson, the baseball team recently unveiled changes to the Phillie Phanatic costume.

Josh Gerben was quoted by The New York Times discussing the intent behind the modifications made to the mascot:

“The Phanatic’s new design was likely an attempt by the Phillies to show that they had changed the mascot enough over the years that it was no longer covered by Harrison/Erickson’s copyright.”

“If the case does go to trial, […] it would be hard to predict what a jury would do. […] This is a risk that the Phillies are taking in federal court.”

Source: Zaveri, Mihir.  “The Phillies Unveil a New Phanatic as Lawyers Fight Over Mascot Copyright”  February 24 2020.

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