The Boston Globe Quotes Josh Gerben about ‘Tom Terrific’ Trademark

Tom Brady has filed an attempt to protect the mark “TOM TERRIFIC”.  While he filed it in hopes of blocking other individuals from making a profit off of him, he may run into an issue with the fact that Tom Seaver, a hall of fame MLB pitcher, was first associated with that nickname.

Josh Gerben was quoted by the Boston Globe discussing the potential conflict in length:

“Applicants cannot register a trademark that “may create a false connection with another person,” in this case [Tom] Seaver.

“At this stage, I think that there should be [legal] counseling to Tom [Brady] that if there’s not a very significant business” purpose for the applications, “it would make a lot of sense to withdraw them.”


Source: Andersen, Travis.  “Experts: Brady company’s bid to trademark ‘Tom Terrific’ presents some challenges.  Boston Globe.  06 June 2019, pB8.

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