Rolling Stone Quotes Josh Gerben Regarding Kanye West’s “Yecosystem” Trademark Filings

Kanye West recently filed over 50 trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, indicating that the rapper plans to build a self-sustaining mini community with its own branded products and services.

Rolling Stone and Josh Gerben discussed the vast variety of goods and services covered in these federal trademark applications.

The large number of trademark applications were filed through West’s company, Mascotte Holdings, just days after the rapper teased the idea in CNBC interview.

“The way these series of trademark applications were filed would very much be how you would file trademark applications to protect this type of idea of building this type of community out,” Gerben explains.

The filings indicate plans to offer goods such as clothing, beverages and food, as well as a variety of consulting services, media production services, and charitable services.

Gerben says the vast range of goods and services is a “pretty significant start” in getting Yecosystem off the ground. “The fact that they’re filing trademark applications indicates that there’s certainly conversations going on between him or his team and his lawyers,” he adds. “That rises to a certain level of this is more than just something that’s been mentioned in the media. There’s some thought going into this behind the scenes.”

Source: Roundtree, Cheyenne. “Kanye West Wants to Build His Own Mini-City Called the ‘Yecosystem.’” 21 October 2022.

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