Rolling Stone Quotes Josh Gerben About Miley Cyrus’ “Bandit and Bardot” Trademark

Earlier this month, Miley Cyrus’ company responsible for her trademarks applied for a new one titled “BANDIT AND BARDOT”.  Concerts and musical recordings were only some of the products to be distributed under the trademark.

Josh Gerben was quoted by Rolling Stone discussing the offerings described in Cyrus’ trademark filing:

“If a client directs us to prepare and file a trademark application for the name of a band, this is exactly the type of language we would use in the application,” […] “The language used in Miley’s trademark application strongly suggests that she is intending to use Bandit and Bardot as the name of a band.”


Source: Spanos, B. and Newman, J.  “Why Did Miley Cyrus Trademark the Name ‘Bandit and Bardot’?”.  December 17 2019

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