Reuters and Josh Gerben Discuss Mattel’s Attempt to Block Burberry’s ‘BRBY’ Trademark

Mattel, the manufacturer of Barbie, is attempting to block the registration of a “BRBY” trademark, filed by Burberry. Mattel claims that if registered, the “BRBY” trademark could cause consumers to confuse the brands.

Reuters discussed Mattel’s case with trademark attorney Josh Gerben. 

Mattel “certainly has a point that BRBY could phonetically sound like Barbie,” said Josh Gerben. “Burberry is going to have a strong counterpoint that these initials could very much be associated with its name, especially in the context of how the mark is likely to be used.”

Similar disputes are typically settled with both parties agreeing to guidelines and limitations on how the trademark can be used, he added.

Source: Brittain, Blake. “Barbie or Burberry? Mattel says ‘BRBY’ trademark invites confusion”. 28 June 2023.

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