Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Quoted Josh Gerben About USPTO’s HAPPY VALLEY Trademark Decision

The USPTO recently rejected Penn State University’s attempt to file a trademark for “HAPPY VALLEY” to be used on various apparel items.  The government’s examining attorney stated that the mark was too descriptive to become a registered trademark.

Josh Gerben was quoted by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about why the trademark application was rejected:

“Because Happy Valley is a commonly used nickname for State College, Pa., the trademark was really not registrable unless the university can show something called ‘acquired distinctiveness,”


The following tweet from Josh Gerben was also referenced by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:


Source: Schackner, B.  “We Are! Not happy! U.S. Patent office frowns on Penn State trademark request”.  Post-Gazette.com.  March 14 2019.

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