Newsweek Quotes Josh Gerben Regarding Russia’s Potential Removal of Trademark Protection

A recent report from Russian media states that the country is considering lifting restrictions on the use of trademarks and patents among companies that have ceased operations in Russia.

Newsweek quoted Josh Gerben on what the lifting of restrictions could mean for Western companies, such as McDonald’s, who has recently severed ties with Russia, temporarily closing all 847 locations within the country.

If these trademark restrictions are lifted, it would in theory allow Russia to independently operate McDonald’s restaurants, regardless of the desires of the McDonald’s Corporation. With no trademarks in the country to protect American brands, Russia could “take those McDonald’s that got shut down and…just let local operators operated the restaurants and call them McDonald’s,” said Josh Gerben.

“It’s just another example of how [Russian President Vladimir Putin] has forever changed the relationship that Russia will have with the world,” Gerben said.

Source: Klawans, Justin. “Russian News Says Trademark Loopholes Could Be Used to Reopen McDonald’s.” 10 March 2022.

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