Newsweek Quotes Josh Gerben About NFL Quarterback Minshew’s Trademark Filings

Jacksonville Jaquars’ Quarterback Gardner Minshew filed three trademarks last month that he plans on using for clothing in the near future.  These trademarks coincide with him being offered the starting position after the previous quarterback, Nick Foles, was injured.

Josh Gerben was quoted by Newsweek discussing his analysis regarding Minshew’s filings:

“These are nicknames and slogans that have been associated with him personally, the only question would be if there are any pre-existing trademarks that are too similar to these.”

“He could still go out and sell mugs or bedding, they just wouldn’t be protected on a federal level like they would be for clothing,”

“[Filing trademark applications] has become relatively commonplace for athletes to seek trademark protection for slogans and brands associated with them,” […] “It is becoming something that folks are recognizing that protecting these types of things with a registration has a lot of value.”


Source: Impelli, M.  “Jaguars’ Gardner Minshew Files Trademarks For ‘Mississippi Mustache,’ ‘Minshew Magic’ And ‘Minshew Mania'”.  December 13 2019.

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