AdAge Quoted Josh Gerben About Kylie Jenner’s Newest Trademarks

Kylie Jenner is adding to her trademark portfolio.  She recently filed a total of 18 trademark applications for “KYLIE CON”, “KYLIE KON”, and “KYLIE MUSEUM”.

Josh Gerben was quoted by AdAge analyzing the intent behind these filings:

“The applications […] indicate that Kylie Jenner has an intent to offer a Kylie Con.  This would be [used for] some sort of special event or exhibit with interactive experiences for social entertainment purposes, […] a class or workshop on beauty care, clothing, brand of backpacks, and cases for mobile phones.”

“They [the filings] are broken out by goods and services, so the applications aren’t all dependent on each other. If one is not approved, they can keep others active and pending.”


Source: Liffreing, Ilyse.  “Is a Kylie Jenner Convention Coming to a Town Near You?”  January 15 2020.

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