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The USPTO has recently refused LeBron James’ “TACO TUESDAY” trademark filing.  They cite that the mark does not meet the requirements for a trademark or service mark.

CBS Sports, Yahoo Sports, and Bleacher Report have quoted Josh Gerben’s analysis for why the mark was refused:

1. CBS Sports

Josh explained that LeBron James received a refusal for “TACO TUESDAY” because the phrase is a commonplace message and cannot be trademarked.

2. Yahoo Sports

Following comments from LeBron James’ company that the trademark was filed for marketing and advertising purposes, Josh explained that a prior registration for these goods and services would have blocked a portion of the application.

3. Bleacher Report

Josh analyzed the reason for the refusal and the possibility of LeBron James starting a podcast given the language used in the application for “podcasting services” and “online entertainment services.”

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