Multiple Media Outlets Quote Josh Gerben About “TACO TUESDAY”‘s USPTO Refusal

The USPTO has recently refused LeBron James’ “TACO TUESDAY” trademark filing.  They cite that the mark does not meet the requirements for a trademark or service mark.

CBS Sports, Yahoo Sports, and Bleacher Report have quoted Josh Gerben’s analysis for why the mark was refused:

1. CBS Sports

Josh explained that LeBron James received a refusal for “TACO TUESDAY” because the phrase is a commonplace message and cannot be trademarked.

2. Yahoo Sports

Following comments from LeBron James’ company that the trademark was filed for marketing and advertising purposes, Josh explained that a prior registration for these goods and services would have blocked a portion of the application.

3. Bleacher Report

Josh analyzed the reason for the refusal and the possibility of LeBron James starting a podcast given the language used in the application for “podcasting services” and “online entertainment services.”

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