Multiple Media Outlets Quote Josh Gerben about NFL’s Duluth Eskimos Trademark Application

The NFL filed a trademark application for the mark “DULUTH ESKIMOS”.  The way the trademark application was drafted led to speculation that the NFL could have a team play a game as the ‘DULLUTH ESKIMOS’ as part of its 100th anniversary season this coming year.

Josh Gerben was quoted by the Duluth News Tribune and Forbes as to what the NFL’s intentions could be surrounding this application:

“It would be very odd for the NFL to have put this language in the application and not intend to actually have a team playing underneath this name,” […] “In order for a trademark application to ultimately register you must use the trademark for the services identified in the application.”


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Source: Bell, D.  “NFL Files Trademark For Duluth Eskimos. What Does This Mean For The Vikings?”.  May 1 2019.

Source: “NFL applies for historic Duluth Eskimos trademark”.  Canadian Press /  April 30 2019.

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