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Law360 Quoted Josh Gerben About Puma’s “Puma Tokyo 2021” Trademark

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Following the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games due to the coronavirus pandemic, Puma was quick to file a trademark application for “PUMA TOKYO 2021.” Due to the strong trademark rights of the U.S. Olympic Committee, the application will likely be refused by USPTO.

Josh Gerben was quoted by Law360 about the likelihood of Puma receiving a notice of opposition from the U.S. Olympic Committee:

“It is very likely the USOC will ask Puma to reconsider this application.”

“If an opposition is filed, I believe the USOC would have a strong case.”

Source: Donahue, Bill. “Here’s Why Puma Probably Can’t Get ‘Tokyo’ TM” Law360.com. April 1 2020.

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