Josh Gerben Talks Trademarks in CNBC Interview

Over the last decade, intellectual property filings have exploded worldwide. For the United States and China specifically, trademark and patent rights have become key battlegrounds for economic power.

Josh Gerben discussed the increasing importance of trademarks in today’s world amidst the growing concern of fraudulent filings being made by China in United States:

(3:06-3:11) “Trademarks, as long as you file periodic renewals and continue to sell your goods and services, will last forever.”

(5:14-5:31) “There’s been a huge change in trademark registration in the last ten years because of Amazon and Facebook and all the internet commerce that’s going on. In 2008, there was just around 250,000 US trademark applications filed. In 2019, there was over 450,000.”

(7:10-7:20) “The significant concern here is that a lot of these [Chinese] applications are fraudulent, meaning that they’re making claims there’s actually being goods or services sold under the trademarks in the United States, when in fact, there are not.”

(7:59-8:10) “We have clients that have had trademark applications denied because of these fraudulent registrations and we’ve had to take additional steps, which typically costs thousands of dollars, to remove those fraudulent registrations from the U.S. trademark register.”

Source: Elizabeth Schulze. “Why The U.S. And China Fight Over IP”. CNBC, January 25 2020.


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