Josh Gerben Quoted by NBC Sports, CBS Sports and Bleacher Report About Buffalo Bills Trademark Filing

Josh Gerben was quoted by multiple media outlets, including NBC Sports, CBS Sports, and Bleacher Report regarding a trademark filing made by the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills applied for a trademark to use the phrase “Respect the Process” on a variety of goods.  Gerben pointed out that the Bills application could be blocked by Joel Embiid:


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NBC Sports quoted Josh Gerben’s position that Joel Embiid’s existing trademark could potentially block the Bills trademark application:

While the 76ers never filed for a trademark, Joel Embiid did for “The Process” in 2016. The center, who has “The Process” as his background picture on Twitter, could block the Bills’ filing by his own application, per Gerben.

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CBS Sports quoted Josh Gerben discussing the Bills’ trademark filing:

Just a year after making the postseason, the Buffalo Bills appear to be embracing the rebuild. Specifically, they seem to be going the 76ers route of “Processing.” According to trademark attorney Josh Gerben, the Bills filed a trademark for “Respect the Process” on May 23, but they may face a 7-foot hurdle along the way.


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Bleacher Report quoted Josh Gerben discussing Joel Embiid’s trademark filing for “The Process”:

As Gerben mentioned, Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid previously filed for a trademark on “The Process” in October 2016. “Trust the process” has been the Sixers’ rallying cry during their own rebuilding efforts.

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