Wall Street Journal Law Blog Quotes Josh Gerben on Anti-Trump Mascot Trademark Concerns

The Democratic National Committee launched an anti-Donald Trump advertising campaign in which it used a Donald Duck mascot to claim the Donald was “ducking” on releasing his tax returns.  The Wall Street Journal Law Blog brought up the issue of whether the DNC was infringing on Disney’s intellectual property.

Josh Gerben was quoted by the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, stating:

“U.S. trademark law prevents use of a registered trademark to create a false association with the owner of the trademark. In this instance, if a reasonable consumer would believe that Disney had authorized use of the DONALD DUCK trademark to launch a political attack on Donald Trump, then there would be trademark infringement.”


Article: Gershman, Jacob.  “DNC’s Anti-Trump Mascot ‘Donald Ducks’ May Run Afoul of Trademark Protections”  Wall Street Journal Law Blog. August 08, 2016.

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