Josh Gerben Quoted by Marketwatch Regarding Celebrity Baby Name Trademarks

A recent trademark craze is celebrities filing trademark applications using names of their children.  In this instance, MarketWatch discusses Victoria Beckham’s trademark filings made on her daughter’s name.

Josh Gerben was quoted by MarketWatch as saying:

If the Beckhams wanted to have the children’s name trademarked in the U.S., they would need to be more specific about what they intend to do with the name. In Europe and the U.K., they can list a range of possibilities that may or may not come to fruition, said Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney at Gerben IP in Washington, D.C.


Article: Malito, A. “The Beckhams add another trademark to their brand: their five-year-old daughter Harper”. April 16, 2017.

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