Josh Gerben Files 1,001st Trademark Application

WASHINGTON, Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ — Trademark attorney Joshua M. Gerben, Esq., recently filed his 1,001st trademark application.  Mr. Gerben is the founder of Gerben IP.

“I am proud to have filed 1001 trademarks, because it means that I have been chosen 1,001 times by clients looking to protect their businesses’ names and brands,” said Mr. Gerben.  “I am thrilled that I have been able to help so many businesses, large and small, with their trademark needs.”

The key to success, says Mr. Gerben, is that he works with each of his clients personally “to ensure that they are getting the highest possible quality of legal services.”  It is this dedication to client service that makes Mr. Gerben the obvious choice for his many entrepreneurial clients.

According to Mr. Gerben, there are many potential legal issues in the trademark search and registration process that clients may be unaware of — and that only an attorney should assist with. “I always tell perspective clients that I offer reasonable flat rates because I want to make legal services available to individuals and companies that could not typically afford them,” said Mr. Gerben. “Reaching our 1,001st application shows that my clients have figured out what a quality service we are offering.”

In 2009, Mr. Gerben was ranked third among all attorneys in the United States by Trademark Insider for the number of trademarks filed in 2009. Trademark Insider is a quarterly publication of the Corporation Service Company, which tracks and ranks the leading trademark attorneys in the United States based on the number of U.S. Patent and Trademark Office applications he or she submitted.

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