Josh Gerben Quoted by the Huffington Post on “Linsanity”

After point guard Jeremy Lin’s rapid accent with the New York Knicks, the term “Linsanity” has emerged in pop culture.  It refers to the recent buzz about everything involving Lin.  He has now applied for a trademark to protect that term.

Josh Gerben was quoted by the Huffington Post regarding Jeremy Lin’s efforts to protect “Linsanity” with a trademark:

According to the document, Lin filed his application on Feb. 13, several days after two California men entered the cash-in derby to trademark Linsanity. But Washington, D.C., trademark attorney Josh Gerben told The Huffington Post that those claims will likely turn into a procedural air ball, costing the two men time and money.

By selling “Linsanity” T-shirts on his website, [Andrew] Slayton is playing fast and loose with certain protections, Gerben said. He believes the marketing tactics of Slayton and his website potentially violate the trademark rights of the New York Knicks and the publicity rights of Lin, whose sudden success with the Knicks has generated the term Linsanity.


Source: Dicker, R.  “Jeremy Lin Applies for Trademark on Linsanity”  February 17 2012.

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