Josh Gerben Emphasizes the Value of An Athlete’s Trademark in ESPN Article

In an effort to protect their brands and put an end to unlicensed merchandise, professional athletes have been filing more and more trademarks for everything from nicknames to slogans. Perhaps most iconic are the brand-defining logos that have been inspired by famous images, like Michael Jordan’s Jumpman and Phil Mickelson’s leaping silhouette.

Josh Gerben spoke with ESPN about the the value of an athlete’s personal brand:

“Athletes are more aware than ever of their personal brand and the value they bring. So the public certainly has noticed these big-name sports people trademarking things.”

“It’s almost impossible to verify the value of individual trademarks unless you saw all of the numbers related to merchandise, licensing, etc. But look at all the use ‘Let’s get ready to rumble’ has had for almost 30 years — it’s entirely possible that that figure is correct.”

Source: Hockensmith, Ryan. “From MJ’s Jumpman to DJ’s Danny Dimes — inside sports’ weirdest, most lucrative underworld”. 23 Sep 2020.

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