Inc. Talks to Josh Gerben About Ongoing Trademark Issues in Russia

Shortly after McDonald’s announced that it would be closing its operations within Russia, a lower Russian court decided that Peppa Pig’s trademark was unenforceable in the country. This ruling also came after the Russian government threatened to suspend the trademark and patent rights of companies located within countries “unfriendly” to Russia.

Inc. discussed the Peppa Pig ruling as well as the state of trademark rights in Russia with Josh Gerben.

There’s reason to be skeptical that the Peppa Pig ruling will stand, said Gerben as he pointed out that the judge who made the ruling sits in a low-ranking court, and the case will certainly be appealed.

But, he added: “It gives you another one of these tea leaves that trademark rights are under assault in Russia, for sure. How far is this going to go? … There’s some legitimate concern.”

Source: Murphy Jr., Bill. “McDonald’s Just Made a Heartbreaking Decision. Here’s What Happened Almost Immediately.” 03 April 2022.

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