Gerben IP Trademark Law Scholarship Awarded to Kira-Khanh McCarthy

Gerben IP is pleased to announce that their 2018 Trademark Law Scholarship has been awarded to Kira-Khanh McCarthy.  Kira is a second year law student at Notre Dame, where she serves as Vice President of Community Service for the Women’s Legal Forum.  She is also a staff editor for the Journal of International and Comparative Law and a member of the Intellectual Property Society.

After receiving her degree in psychology, with a minor in statistics, from James Madison University, Kira had the pleasure of working at a law firm in the D.C. area, focused on patent prosecution and intellectual property.  This experience, along with volunteer work at a local legal aid firm, led Kira to see pursuing a law degree as a logical next step.  While she initially wanted to keep an open mind about which specialty to pursue, a trademark elective in her first year of law school piqued Kira’s interest.

Kira has plans to work with a firm in Boston this summer, and upon graduation, she wishes to continue her work with a firm focused in intellectual property.  “I want to break the stigma that you need a science background to specialize in intellectual property law,” says Kira.  In the meantime, she hopes to work with faculty and students to build a strong trademark and intellectual property focus at Notre Dame.

The scholarship is awarded annually by Gerben IP to a law student that wishes to focus on trademark law upon graduation.  Trademark attorney Josh Gerben explains, “When our firm selects a scholarship winner, we are looking for a student that has demonstrated a clear interest in trademark law and has taken concrete steps to earn experience in the field outside of the classroom.”  Gerben found Kira’s coursework and professional experience made her a natural choice for the award.  “Our entire firm wishes Kira a lot of success in the trademark field and we hope that this scholarship lessens the financial burdens for her along the way.”


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