Gerben IP Recognized as a Top Trademark Firm for Prosecution and Strategy for 2023

Gerben IP has been recognized in the 2023 WTR 1000 as a top firm for trademark prosecution and strategy in Washington D.C., alongside a variety of  ‘big’ firms across the United States and the world.

The 2023 WTR 1000 also recognized both Josh Gerben, Esq. and Eric Perrott, Esq as leading individuals for trademark prosecution and strategy.

Every year, World Trademark Review releases its WTR 1000 guide, which identifies the top firms and individuals practicing trademark law. This go-to guide is based on qualitative research, such as market presence and depth of experience, as well as feedback from clients and peers.

From the 2023 WTR 1000 guide:

Gerben Perrott provides the most enjoyable outside counsel relationship. It makes smart use of technology tools like video advisories to make interactions easier and more efficient. Its organisation and communication enables it to be more efficient with billing than other lawyers. It is also more responsive and timely than most law firms, and does a great job of communicating throughout an engagement. Gerben Perrott makes the job of maintaining an international trademark portfolio easy and hassle-free, and that is no mean feat.

2023 WTR1000 rankings for Gerben IP, Josh Gerben & Eric Perrott

Source: 9 February 2023.

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