Fortune Quotes Josh Gerben about Kylie Jenner’s Trademark Applications

Kylie Jenner is looking to expand her retail presence.  She has recently filed over 25 trademark applications that indicate she intends to enter into the baby retail and hair industries.

Josh Gerben was quoted by Fortune regarding the length of time the trademark process will take for Jenner:

“According to trademark attorney Josh Gerben, “It will typically take three to four months before the government even picks these up and reviews these trademarks and then, assuming everything goes smoothly, it will be another six or seven months or so until the registrations are even ready to issue.”

While Jenner is under no legal obligation to actually produce a baby or haircare brand—she’s merely obligated by law to have a “bona fide intention” to do so—Gerben said, “It looks very well planned out given how many applications were actually filed.”


Source: Stampler, L. “Kylie Jenner Is Giving Birth—to a Baby Retail Empire”.  May 16 2019.

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