Fortune Magazine quoted Josh Gerben about Victoria’s Secret FIRST LOVE Trademark Filings

Victoria’s Secret has been involved in a public feud with competitor ThirdLove since Vogue interviewed a few VS executives around the time of their eponymous fashion show last year.  Now, the company behind Victoria’s Secret has filed trademark applications for “Victoria’s Secret First Love”, which is an indirect reference to their competitor.

Josh Gerben was quoted by Fortune about the company’s trademark strategy:

“It is unusual that a company would make a trademark filing that arguably is a play on a competitor’s name…This is taking it a lot farther than a lot of companies would actually go—especially a company as big as Victoria’s Secret.”

“This is David versus Goliath, and Victoria’s Secret has a whole lot more to lose,” Gerben says, pointing to recent headlines ThirdLove has accumulated. “As someone who represents small businesses, we would love this kind of press from a large company. They might not be able to pay for this if they wanted.”


Source: Stampler, L.  “Victoria’s Secret Trademarks a Twist on a Rival’s Name. Will It Backfire?”.  May 10 2019.

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