Forbes Quotes Josh Gerben Regarding McDonald’s Trademark Filings for a ‘Virtual Restaurant’

McDonald’s recently filed trademark applications for virtual goods, services, and restaurants, joining a growing number of corporations that are getting ready for the metaverse.

Forbes spoke with Josh Gerben to gain insight on why there have been so many recent trademark applications for virtual reality marketplaces and goods.

“When you see this critical mass of large companies making this many new trademark filings, it’s very clear this is coming, ” Gerben told Forbes.

“I think you’re going to see every brand that you can think of make these filings within the next 12 months,” Gerben added. “I don’t think anyone wants to be the next Blockbuster and just completely ignore a new technology that’s coming.”

Source: Bissada, Mason. “McDonald’s Files Trademark For Metaverse-Based ‘Virtual Restaurant’.” 09 February 2022.

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