Forbes Quoted Josh Gerben about USPTO’s Rejection of Dallas Mavericks’ Luka Doncic Trademarks

A few months ago, Josh Gerben reported on trademarks filed by the Dallas Mavericks for EL MATADOR and THE MATADOR.  The trademarks were filed because ‘THE MATADOR’ had become a nickname for rookie-of-the-year candidate Luka Doncic.

On March 22 the applications were initially refused by the USPTO.  The USPTO issued Office Actions on trademarks filed for EL MATADOR and THE MATADOR initially refusing the applications because of potential conflicts with other MATADOR-formative trademarks already registered.

Josh Gerben was quoted by Forbes magazine discussing the initial refusals:

“Gerben says that the sheer number of [goods claimed in the trademark applications] … are too broad. The Mavericks listed everything from clothing and sporting goods to audio recordings, laser discs, jewelry, snack food and lighting fixtures as possible uses for EL MATADOR and THE MATADOR. ”

“The U.S. tries to protect the integrity of its trademark register by only allowing registered trademarks for goods and services that are actually offered by a business. This way, here, we do not unnecessarily clog up the register.”


Source: Rader, D.  “Dallas Mavericks’ Trademark Applications For 2 Of Luka Doncic’s Nicknames Are Rejected”.  April 16 2019.

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