Forbes Quoted Josh Gerben about the Dallas Mavericks’ Filings with Luka Doncic’s Nickname

The Dallas Mavericks have file two trademarks for the nickname of Luka Doncic, their star forward.  These applications could run into an issue with the USPTO because it presents the issue of whether a professional sports team can own a nickname for one of their players.

Josh Gerben’s tweet was quoted by Forbes magazine regarding this issue of ownership:

“As Gerben notes, the Mavericks need his written permission to register the trademarks because they belong to him. If he does give them authorization, he will be forfeiting his nicknames, giving the Mavericks the rights to them, if approved. At the time of the filing, the team did not have Doncic’s consent.”


Article: Rader, D.  “The Dallas Mavericks Want To Trademark 2 Of Luka Doncic’s Nicknames”.  January 3 2019.


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