FM 96.9 The Game Talks with Josh Gerben About LeBron James’ “TACO TUESDAY” Trademark Filing

LeBron James’ company, LBJ Trademarks, recently filed a trademark registration for “TACO TUESDAY.” The filing indicates that LeBron is looking to start a podcast by the name ‘Taco Tuesday.’

Josh Gerben spoke with FM 96.6 The Game about the filing, as well as other recent sports-related trademarks cases that have been in the news. Here are the highlights from the discussion:

1:26 – Review of the recent trademark filing by LeBron James’ company for ‘TACO TUESDAY,’ explanation of why the application will likely be refused

5:02 – Brief overview of the New England Patriots’ trademark filing for “Dough Your Job”

5:53 – Discussion of The Ohio State University’s trademark filing for the single word “THE”

7:04 – Analysis of the lawsuit between Nike and Kawaii Leonard over the “claw” logo


Source: “Wait, Can LeBron James Trademark Taco Tuesday?”. FM 96.6 The Game. Orlando, September 4 2019.

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